An executive-suite office solution can be the most cost-effective, worry-free way to run your business. The environment can be compared to that of an incubator–a safe, secure, low-risk and cost-effective way to operate a new business, branch office, or professional practice. It provides you with an instantly ready office, receptionist, state-of-the-art equipment and well-trained, capable support staff–all for one fixed monthly fee.


In such a setting, your company’s image states to your clients that you are credible, trustworthy and successful.


As well, the value of networking as an executive suite tenant cannot be overestimated, nor can the added benefits of an owner-managed centre be under-estimated.

An owner:

  • Is committed to your success
  • Gives you immediate attention
  • Can create a customized plan to your specific requirements
  • Can make a quick decision when necessary
  • Can solve a problem in your best interest

You don’t have to:

  • Hire and train staff
  • Keep track of and submit paperwork with respect to payroll, EI, CPP, Workers Compensation, etc.
  • Arrange extra staff coverage during illnesses or vacations
  • Provide the capital investment
  • Sign a long-term lease

There are no hidden charges, no fine print, no minimum boardroom use requirement, and no kitchen charges. You pay only for what you use.


Can it get any better than this?